Take That Leap Of Faith If You Want Success

Faith is the strongest thing of all. It is something that has the ability to encourage people to do the impossible. If you believe in yourself, anything can be achieved. This is also what Niraj Goel believes in. He had a firm faith in himself that he will be able to achieve greatest heights of success.

nirajFaith and believe leads to positive thinking and what we think is what we truly our. It is our thoughts that really define us. If you have doubts about your own dreams, achieving them will become more work. However, if you have true faith in doing what you love doing the most, things will become a cakewalk.

It is all about having that kind of affirmative mindset and getting ready to get started. Niraj Goel didn’t wait for success to come to him. Instead he took the first step. As they say that journey of thousands miles begins with a single step, therefore you need to take that first step to be where you want to be.

The moment you take that first step, the road to success will become clear. You just need to take a leap of faith.

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Niraj Goel – A multi Crowned Personality

There is an entire journalism dedicated to provide guidelines and instructions on how people can accomplish a successful career. There are thousands of self-help books written by various writers with precious information with insights on how people can shape their destiny to give their career the right direction. However, if such books are written by a name, who actually face the struggle and those ups and downs in their lives to succeed and then achieved the amazing heights all on his own, then it will have more standing.

One such name in writers list is Niraj Goel. Although, he is not a professional writer but he did author a couple of books with a vision to share his success tale with the people around the world and let everyone know his journey from scratch to a billionaire. Goel has shared anecdotes of his entire life and how he became the title-holder of one of the most booming business enterprises in the world.

1. Niraj Goel

Being an NRI (a non-resident Indian), Goel is a business magnate, a tech-billionaire, a writer and a philanthropist, who always dreamed of starting his own venture, becoming a renowned businessman and serving the society in one way or the other. It was only a matter of time that Goel took the first step and launched his own business venture. Over the years with a vision and hardship, his business has expanded in many countries, revolutionizing the artificial intelligence technology used in mobile applications.

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The art of staying constantly motivated!

Everyone knows that the key to accomplishing tasks ahead of the deadline is to sty constantly motivated, and this is no secret at all. Sure you are bound to come across tasks that you simply won’t like, yet you need find a motivating reason to complete that because their completion takes you one step closer towards the goal.

Most people find it to stay motivated all the time. Therefore, if you want to stay motivated, you need to find good reasons as to why accomplish that goal. Regardless of what we do, there is always a good reason as to why we do it.

The only way you can stay motivated is to stay discipline. And the key to keeping up with the discipline is to be absolutely clear about what your goals in life are. In order to stay clear about that goal in your head, you need to remind yourself constantly every single hour and day that it needs to be accomplished. There is no really no better way to maintain focus on what you want to achieve in life.

Niraj Goel, an NRI tech bNiraj Goelillionaire never took his eyes off his goal. He always stayed constantly focused on his goal and as a results, he is today renowned as the next warren buffet in making. He is one of the best personalities from whom people can learn the art of discipline.

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Chip embedded devices to be launched by Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is a highly successful tech-billionaire and NRI with his reach across countries like Singapore, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, United Arab Emirates, etc. This tech magnate has quite recently announced that his company (Clone Algo Group) is going to develop various wearable devices. These fashion wears, which will be developed by the company, will utilize artificial intelligence technologies.

The devises will be used in chip-embedded clothes, rings, belts, bracelets and other fashion wears, with the idea of reducing use of hand-held tools. Goel is the owner of a group of companies that are functional under Clone Algo. The group is well prepared for the mega launch to happen quite soon all over the globe. This is what one of the officials who constantly monitor breakthroughs in technologies has to say.

Goel is keeping all of his plans regarding the launch quite confidential for second generation technology release. However, the industry and financial observes are expecting that this leading technologist is likely to make a leap in technology field with the launch of wearable devices that use chip-embedded into body clothing like shoes, strap-ons, rings, etc.

Commenting on the news, one of the technology venture capitalists said that Clone Algo is going to make a fashionable statement with the launch of chip-embedded wearable devices for clothing, eliminating the need of hand-held devices.

Clone Algo group is raising 250 million US dollars by the sales of 20 million shares which are priced at USD 12.50 per unit via share placement. The proceeds will be used to support the research and development of a plethora of apps that the company designs for mobile phones as well as other wearable devices. It will also be used to support the launch as well as marketing work. The artificial intelligence technology pioneered by Goel’s group dominates algo trading across European and US markets.

In fact, Niraj Goel is leading the technologies in Asia. In a recently published news article regarding tech-entrepreneurs and tech-billionaires of Asia, Niraj Goel ranked at 6th position. With a vision and innovation in technology, Goel will lead the others. In an interview, Goel said that he is going to make the life easy for the people by utilizing innovation and artificial intelligence in technology sector. Though he kept his plans confidential and soon will be announced in a mega launch of his brand new product.

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