An Inspiration For Millions – Niraj Goel

An Indian entrepreneur born and raised in the state of Punjab, India Niraj Goel is the epitome of inspiration. He proudly wears the badge of being a Cottonian considering he completed his schooling from prestigious and internationally popular Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.

So, many other notable aluminas also attended the same school such as the industrialist Ness Wadia, Ratan Tata and countless celebrities as well. Goel is a world renowned entrepreneur who is particularly known for having revolutionized the field of financial trading and technology.

He has literally merged these two fields and made it possible for investors and traders all around the world to make money through financial trading in a lot easier way. He has been honored with several awards throughout his career for the great contributions made by him.


Niraj Goel was honored with the Sales Growth Award Singapore in 2009. The award was presented to him the Lee Yi Shyan, the Minister of Trade and Industry and National Development in Singapore. Another prestigious award for which Goel was shortlisted is the Talented Unleashed Awards in 2014.

Other than being an incredibly successful industrialists and technopreneur, Niraj Goel is an avid writer and a humanitarian. Through his books and charitable trusts, Niraj is dedicated to bringing a positive difference in the society.

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Niraj Goel – A multi Crowned Personality

There is an entire journalism dedicated to provide guidelines and instructions on how people can accomplish a successful career. There are thousands of self-help books written by various writers with precious information with insights on how people can shape their destiny to give their career the right direction. However, if such books are written by a name, who actually face the struggle and those ups and downs in their lives to succeed and then achieved the amazing heights all on his own, then it will have more standing.

One such name in writers list is Niraj Goel. Although, he is not a professional writer but he did author a couple of books with a vision to share his success tale with the people around the world and let everyone know his journey from scratch to a billionaire. Goel has shared anecdotes of his entire life and how he became the title-holder of one of the most booming business enterprises in the world.

1. Niraj Goel

Being an NRI (a non-resident Indian), Goel is a business magnate, a tech-billionaire, a writer and a philanthropist, who always dreamed of starting his own venture, becoming a renowned businessman and serving the society in one way or the other. It was only a matter of time that Goel took the first step and launched his own business venture. Over the years with a vision and hardship, his business has expanded in many countries, revolutionizing the artificial intelligence technology used in mobile applications.

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