Niraj Goel – A Great Mentor and Motivator

Motivation is the only driving force that helps us get though even the toughest of times and the most dreadful challenges. As long as your inspiration level is high, nothing would stay impossible. Sadly majority of population finds itself in situation where after some time motivation eventually wears off.


What a lot of people forget is motivation is more like a daily activity. It is not any different than bathing and getting fresh. We need to repeat these things on an everyday basis if we want to stay fresh. The same way the only way to stay motivated day and night is to give you small doses of inspiration from time to time.

There are a lot of ways to do that. You can read stories about people who made the impossible possible like Niraj Goel and Marc Zuckerberg. These are some people who took their respective fields by storm. Niraj Goel for example at a young age of 44 has successfully secured the position among riches tech billionaires of the world.


In fact he is considered to be the eighth richest NRI entrepreneurs and the richest man in Singapore which happens to be his prime business area. Although he is successful running the business of artificial intelligence based mobile ecosystems all around the world, but his most significant contributions have been in the economy of Singapore.

Quite recently he launched SIL (Singapore innovation league) which is basically an investment and funding company.

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