Niraj Goel’s Contribution In Technology

Niraj Goel is an Indian technopreneur, and highly successful business who was born in 1969. He is currently doing business in Singapore with other branches spread across India, United States, Germany, etc. Over the years, owing to the success of this entrepreneur has earned the label of the youngest self made billionaire from India.

He is actually a huge source of motivation to young and aspiring minds in the field of business. Goel completed his early education from India by attending Bishop Cotton School. After that he went to Punjab University Chandigarh to complete graduate. He then got a degree in Master of Business Administration from Newport University, USA. Niraj Goel proudly loves to wear the badge of ‘Cottonian.

Everyday Geol makes his way through a very tight schedule which is clear by the fact that he spends a 100 hours working in a week. He only sleeps for an hour. He regularly practices medication and believes in its power.

Goel has spent over twenty six years in the field of research and development for various fields like Timing technology beyond technical, Dukandari approach to algos, and analysis and probability generator. His best contributions are from the field of artificial intelligence. He has developed algorithms with artificial intelligence technologies. His company has developed mobile applications, risk management systems for financial investments.

Know more about Niraj Goel at:


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