Niraj Goel – The Iconic Figure In Trading Industry

Hailing from the state of Punjab in India, Niraj Goel is the man behind groundbreaking technology of artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading. He has been working on the development of artificial intelligence for trading since the 90s. He has a rich experience of three decades all of which covers financial marketing and technology industry.

He is often titled to be the youngest self made billionaire from India. The fact that he has been associated with this field qualifies him as a veteran and a seasoned entrepreneur. As part of entrepreneurship he has founded several companies such as Clone Algo , and Singapore Innovation League.

1. Niraj GoelGoel was born in 1969 in the city of Nabha, Punjab. His parents sent him to the iconic Bishop Cotton School for his early education. He takes pride in being a Cottonian alongside several other notable personalities such as the viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, and the chairman of Tata Sons, Mr. Ratan Naval Tata.

Goel left to pursue his business goals right after college. He went to Singapore and this is the place where he slowly found the right voice for himself. Today he is considered to be the richest person in Singapore.

To know more about Niraj Goel, visit:


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