A Short Biography of Niraj Goel

Niraj has spent more than 28 years doing research and development work for the field of algorithmic trading. With that said, Goel has achieved the status of a veteran and a highly respected individual in the field of technology.

He has done the research work across various fields, some of which are Probability Generator, Timing Technology beyond Technical Analysis, and Dukandari Approach to Algos. Goel has made huge investments across several companies under Goel Ventures.

Some of his more recent investments have been SIL (Singapore Innovation League) and a recent VOIP calling mobile application called YAY. He is the founder of Clone Algo Group which is functional in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

For his outstanding contribution in the field of algorithmic technology, Goel has been awarded with several honors and award. In the year 2009 he was presented with the Sales Growth Award Singapore 2009. The award was presented to him by Lee Yi Shyan who happens to be the Minister of Trade and Industry and National Development, Singapore.

In addition to this, Niraj Goel is also shortlisted for the Talent Unleashed Awards 2014. Other than being an industrialist, a technopreneur, and a highly success businessman, Goel is an avid writer too. As a writer he has authored a couple of books. Some of those are;

  • The Billionaire in You
  • Billionaire Buddha
  • How I made my first billion
  • Cloning the Billionaire
  • How I traded $300 billion in one year

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