Youngest NRI Billionaire – Niraj Goel

Born in 1969, a small town called Nabha in Punjab, Niraj Goel is an Indian businessman based currently in Singapore. He is often titled to be the youngest billionaire from India. After receiving his education from the prestigious Bishop Cotton School in  Shimla, the same institute that is known for its association with famous alumni like Ratan Tata, Goel went ahead and attended Panjab University in Chandigarh for his graduate degree.

Later on in 1993, he received degree in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the renowned Newport University in the United States.

Career highlights of Niraj Goel:

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Niraj Goel has had an incredibly successful and inspiring journey in terms of his career. At a very young age, he moved to Singapore to give wings to his career goals and dreams. He has been an integral and important part of financial technology industry since the year 1988.

Most of his time was spent developing various financial technologies. He has always been an enthusiastic investor in the world of innovation of intellectual properties. There are over 50 innovations in insurance sectors and financial technology for which he is credited.

As of now, he is the president of Clone Algo Group based in Nevada, Singapore and New Zealand that has been into making since 1988. He is also the founder of Dragon Holdings AG, Munich, Germany. His companies are doing intensive work in algorithmic trading and other financial world.

His official website is:


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