Personified Success and Achievement – Niraj Goel

To Niraj Goel, success didn’t come overnight! He had to consistently work hard in its pursuit. Goel came from a regular family with no strong financial background. He has worked really hard through his life to become the extraordinary personality that he is today.

He was born in a small town in Ludhiana, Punjab (India) and now is the second richest person in Singapore. Goel is a key player from artificial intelligence industry. When he started off in this industry, it was in its initial developmental phase.

Niraj left with almost no money in his hand when he took off for Singapore. Today, he is a self-made billionaire who owns a range of companies under Clone Algo Group. He is a fine example that hard work pays off and that sky is the limit for those who work hard.

To inspire other entrepreneurs who also dream of achieving success, he has authored several books. He is an avid and enthusiastic writer and some of his publications would be Cloning the Billionaire, Billionaire Buddha, the Billionaire in You, How I Made My First Billion, and How I Traded $300 Billion in a year.

In 2009, Niraj Goel was honored with SalFeatured imagees Growth Award which was presented to him by Lee Yi Shyan.

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