A Great Platform Where Startups Can Grow – SIL

Singapore Innovation League (SIL) is providing entrepreneurs with a platform to expand their business horizons. It is set by Niraj Goel and others to help people with innovative ideas and thoughts that could change the world of technology and the way it impacts our lives.

It is providing a base to the young entrepreneurs to live their dreams and make it come true by providing them financial assistance to run their startups and every day activities.

Clone Algo Technologies Inc. is the first ever project of Singapore Innovation League. The League has also invested in Goel Ventures Inc., which has developed apps across stock trading, financial markets, communication, travel, and lifestyle.

In the field of communication, the league has rolled out an instant messenger called YAY. This application has been designed and developed by Clone Algo Technologies Inc., USA.

The application was launched in the Month of Oct, 2014. Similarly, under lifestyle arena SIL has launched another mobile application, Catchup, which allows users to manage their lifestyle and events.

By designing and launching BookSmooth, SIL has made a foray in the travel industry which happens to be the third category. This mobile app allows booking of hotels anywhere using on-the-go medium.

Other various mobile apps developed an in developing phase for financial trades by the support of the Singapore Innovation League (SIL).

In conclusion, it can be said that Singapore Innovation League is not only helping the startup companies but also changing the trends in technologies and innovation.


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