Niraj Goel – The Face of Clone Algo Group

Algo Markets is a broking company. The company is located and functional in New Zealand. Ever since we have come a long way! Volatile markets, uncertainty and ever-persistent possibility of risks are some of the issues associated with trading.

That is why we have designed intelligent algorithmic trading systems keeping all these issues in consideration. The systems by Algo Markets put search for hot stocks, and the task of reading market options on automation.

We have used a solid foundation of amalgamation of timing technology, applied artificial intelligence and algorithms into devising accurate and intelligent financial models. The company is staffed with seasoned and highly experienced brokers who make it a point to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Technology applied to the market

Algo Markets has been a part of financial trading for over twenty five years. During this time, the company has spent several million dollars on research and development alone. The research has led to the formation of Dragon Holdings AG. This publicly listed company is based in Germany under the symbol DRA and in the US it is functional under the symbol DRGHY.


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