Niraj Goel – A great innovator

The personality trait of a great innovator is that they are able to read between the lines and see what is beyond obvious. They are able to see ideas and opportunities that others cannot. Instead of just listening to other people, they actually invent things. They come up with things that people don’t even know that they need.

As opposed to math and science, there is no formula to recognize an innovator or to become one.  These are the people who are always curious. They take the initiative to explore the environment and initiate the investigation of new possibilities. They honor the sense of wonder and awe. They are extremely self motivated and always on the look out to fulfill their dreams. They know how to respond to their inner instincts and taking actions proactively.

Innovators are visionaries. They are extremely imaginative and have a future orientation in their mind.  They conjure outrageous and unconventional business scenarios and see the possibilities for success in ways that others fail to see. They honor their dreams and believe that these will come true.

Niraj Goel is probably the finest example of an innovator, who possesses all the above-mentioned qualities and much more. That is the reason he is given the title of an innovator. He is the founder of Clone Algo Group and Singapore Innovation League.

His official website:

Niraj Goel


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