A Brilliant Technonpreneur and a Humble Human

Niraj Goel is a technopreneur, who had a humble beginning. At the age of 44 he has earned the title of youngest tech billionaire from India.

This personality is also the richest person in Singapore. He is the founder of Clone Algo Group which is a group of companies spread across several countries. The group specializes in multiple services, one of which is artificial intelligence.

Despite the fact that today, Goel is a billionaire; he has not forgotten his beginning. He had almost no money when he set out in the world of business.

That is why there are several charitable trusts functional in the country. All those multiple charitable organizations are funded by Goel and he makes sure to provide as much help to the poor and less fortunate people as possible.

Quite recently, Goel launched Singapore Innovation League which is basically an angel investment companies set to help startups and new enterprises in the field of technology. It would be interesting to see which of the 500 startups make it to the final and which ones are shortlisted by SIL.

Know more about this great personality at:

Niraj Goel


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